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Web-Protect specializes in the protection of copyright in the Internet. In the course of our work we defend the rights of our partners - owners of publishing houses.

At the moment, there are a lot of internet resources, dedicated to various topics and allowing you to illegally download data as you wish. The number of such sites is increasing each day. And, as a consequence, number of links, pointing to illegal content continues to grow. If at least a tenth of the pirated sites visitors download data legally, the producers’ incomes will increase drastically.

At different times, almost every major publishing house tried independently to combat the illegal placement of books on the Internet. As practice has shown, pirates lose interest in protected products, as it is not very profitable to place it, and this brings a lot of problems. Protect of the copyright of one manufacturer bring pirates to focusing on the products of other publishers.

Of course, there is no way to get rid of illegal content. However, those who want to download your products for free will spend a great deal to find the necessary materials on the Internet. Thus, the products of your competitors, not yours, are easily available for download.

It is no secret that the organizing the work process can be time-consuming, expensive and complicated. In order to minimize costs, we have cooperated with some book publishers. Initially, Web-Protect specializes in the automobile books’ protection, but in the future we plan to expand the scope of our activities. Working with us, you can count on a high quality cleaning of the Internet from illegal copies of your products. Successful protection of the Internet from illegal content is the best way for us to significantly reduce the availability of the protected products protect.

The diagram of the efficiency in processing pirated content as an example of our work done for a period of 12 months